Millwork and Jambs

Available in all species as lineal material for your prehang shop for non fire rated jambs or as complete pre-cut and hardware machined jambsets. All jamb stock is milled from solid kiln dried lumber, finish sanded to 180 grit, with edges eased.

Exterior Kerfed Single Rabbet Interior Flat w/ Stop Interior Single Rabbet Cased Opening Exterior Sidelite Mullion Pocket Jamb Borrowed Lite w / Stops Interior 45M, 60M, 90M Fire Rated Exterior 45M, 60M, 90M, Fire Rated

Fire Rated Wood frames

Single Rabbet or Flat Jamb with Applied Stop
Fire Rating Maximum Size
20-Minute 3/6 x 8/0 Single (softwood)
4/0 x 9/0 Single (hardwood)
5/6 x 8/0 Pair (softwood)
8/0 x 9/0 Pair (hardwood)
45-Minute 4/0 x 8/0 Single
60-Minute 4/0 x 8/0 Single
90-Minute 3/6 x 8/0 Single